Show me a man with a tattoo and I'll show you a man with an interesting past. Jack London - 1883

The only difference between us and the people that aren't tattooed. is that we don't care if you aren't. (Unknown)

Tattooing one's self is akin to a baby reaching in their diaper and grasping a handful of feces and wiping it on themselves. Forcing others to avoid getting close.

Hepatitis C The biggest danger of tattooing.

Hepatitis -C  is a huge danger in tattooing for the tattooist as well as the tattooee.

Hi, I tattooed professionally for over a quarter of a century.  I didn’t want to hear this either when it first came to my attention. My first concern however was always my clients, and it became apparent over time and with little research that tattooing was/is not safe.

I contend that a large percentage of tattooist are infected with Hep-C and don’t even realize it.

Much of the work done by tattooist is to repair or redo tattoos that were administered in prison or jail. 80% of the prison population is infected with Hep-C.
75% of the people who have Hep-C are military veterans who are also a large part of the tattooed community.
When a tattooist works he or she will wear rubber or latex gloves and that works fine as long as the gloves aren’t penetrated by the needle.
However it inevitable that sooner or later a tattooist will puncture their glove while tattooing.
When this happens the tattooist may not even realize it and will continue  tattooing, consequently infecting himself or if infected… may infect the client.

Accidental poke

Accidental Pokes

Hep-C can take many years to show up. Sometimes Hep-C will not show symptoms for 20 to 30 years after it has done major damage.